Dina Norlund

Illustrator, concept artist & visual storyteller

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➤ What's your name/age?

My name is Dina Norlund! I'm a concept, illustrator and comic artist from Norway. I was born in 1995 so calculate my age from that :)

➤ How long have you been drawing?

As most other artist I've been drawing since I was a kid! But if you're asking about when I started taking drawing seriously: when I was 13. I had just discovered the reason the comics I read had such clean colours was because it was digital art! So I got to borrow my dads old Wacom intous tablet and Photoshop, and I was hooked.

➤ Did you go to school for art?

I do not have a bachelor in illustration or any other arts. But I did go to a high school that offered 10h of art classes a week as a part of the curriculum and I attended FZD school of design in Singapore from Spring 2015-2016. I credit both of these "schools" with helping me improve and learn, but I fundamentally believe you will only improve with self discipline. You will always be self-thought. Schools/courses will only help if you put in the effort!

➤ What program/tools do you use?

Currently (2021) I use an iPad 2020 12.9" 512GB, Apple Pencil gen 2 and ProCreate 5X for all my work. + a MacBook Pro 15' from 2015 for computer stuff!

Previously I've used:
2019-2020: XP-Pen 22 Pro and Krita.
2008-2019: Various Wacom tablets, cintiqs and normal + Photoshop CS4.

➤ What brushes do you use?

I almost elusively use my own brushes! You can find and buy them here: Gumroad

➤ How do you stream your iPad on Twitch?

To stream I use OBS which is a free streaming software. Then I connect my iPad to my MacBook via a usb to ucb-c cable and it will show up as a camera in OBS. Pretty simple!

➤ Where can I buy your comics/books?

The only place you can read my books/stories at the moment is digitally and on Dillyhub

The Snow Cat Prince is only available in Norway in Norwegian currently. You can order the Norwegian copy from overseas, but only in Norwegian.
Read and keep yourself updated here: Norway Comics
and on the Project page for any updates.

➤ What are your biggest inspirations?

A lot of comics, especially W.I.T.C.H. Elf Quest and Witch Hat Atelier. But I'm generally inspired by nature and animals and fantastical stories like those from Geil Neiman and Dianna Wynne Jones. My inspirations usually changes every month or so! So ask me when I'm live on Twitch for a set of current inspirations :)